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  • GIVE YOUR LOVED ONE THE QUALITY THEY DESERVE - When you've lost someone close you need a high quality urn to hold their ashes and act as a fitting tribute to the love you shared. This beautiful stainless steel cremation urn is hand crafted with the Tree of Life to give your loved one's remains the superior quality they deserve.
  • BEAUTIFUL AND DURABLE - This adult urn is 8.27 inches tall and 5.60 inches wide. Capacity of 200 cubic Inches, capable of holding the remains of a 200lb person. This adult urn is handcrafted from high grade stainless steel metal
  • A FITTING TRIBUTE TO YOUR LIFE TOGETHER - This funeral urn for human ashes is a fitting memory of the life and loved you shared. It also makes a touching gift for the members of your family who would also like a lasting reminder of the deceased.

Tree of Life Classy Adult Urns for Human Ashes

    • MATERIAL: High Grade Stainless Steel Metal
    • SIZE: 8.27 inches tall and 5.60 inches wide. Capacity of 200 cubic Inches, Capacity to hold up to 200 lb adult ash remains.
    • TREE OF LIFE PATTERN: Gold special high quality metal, each hand pasted on.It looks very delicate and bright




    • Honor your loved one’s memory with our beautifully crafted urns. We are thoughtfully and carefully designed to provide security and durability to protect your
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