• Honor your loved one with our CREMATION URNS, carefully handcrafted and engraved to meet the most demanding quality standards. This elegant and durable urn is the perfect tribute to give your love one's remains the superior quality they deserve.
  • The perfect seal of our FUNERAL URN is provided by superior craftsmanship and materials that have gone into the confection of the vase to ensure the ashes of your love one are completely protected and given the upmost respect.
  • Our URN FOR ADULT ASHES will help you remember that special person and represent your everlasting love with a variety of elegant designs. Suitable for humans of all sizes up to 200lbs.
  • Hold the most special MEMORIAL SERVICES RECEPTION with this beautifully finished urn to honour and cherish your beloved friend or family

Funeral Urn Carefully Handcrafted with Elegant Finishes