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Grief Counseling and Bereavement

Everyone experiences grief at some points their lives. It is a reaction to loss. But when we are going through it, it can feel endless and isolating. It feels like the emotional pain, the headache, the hurt, the physical symptoms will never pass. We feel stuck and unable to return to the regular state of life.
Grief is instigated by a loss. It can be the passing away of a loved one, losing a dream or goal, an emotionally charging relationship coming to an end, bitterness with family and friends - the excruciating pain we feel seems permanent. But grief is a natural phenomenon. The depth of sadness and despair eventually dissipates.
Grieving is a process that has to be passed through in order for us to feel relief. It cannot be ignored.
Bereavement is a type of grief related to the death of a loved one. Grief and bereavement constitute different feelings from profuse sadness to anger. How well an individual adapts to a critical loss in their life varies from person to person. It is affected by the individual’s beliefs, background, and their relationship to who or what was lost.
Grieving is Different for Everyone
Grief looks different for everyone. It is not limited to feelings of sadness. It presents itself in the form of guilt, regret, yearning, and anger. Grieving behaviors have a wide range, while some people prefer to be alone with their


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