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SoulUrns is the USA's leading online cremation urn store. We're dedicated to helping people find the right cremation urn or memorial product to hold the ashes of a treasured loved one.


We offer an unparalleled selection of cremation and keepsake urns. With Wide varierty of Cremations urns along with affordable prices is our main motto, made with care, popular with today’s families.

We know a cremation urn is a purchase no one wants to make, so the SoulUrns team has shared a commitment to being as helpful as possible. To us, being helpful means: an easy to use website, urns that we would recommend to our family members and friends, lots of images and information about every product, quick tips and guides, and of course a friendly, caring customer service team that is available seven days a week.

As a Manufacturing Company

We have years of experience in producing and distributing the highest quality of Cremation Products. We are not just traders, we are manufacturers too, each product that we sell is either produced in one of our own factories or in an associated factory, where we have our own interests. Each product is designed and manufactured to the minutest detail and perfection. It is not just our business, it is our passion.

Our current collections consist of the finest of Cremation Urns in Solid Brass and Alum Alloy specially formulated by us for shinier and long lasting finish. 

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